Why You Want to Get Out of the Box!



What does “Get out of the box.” mean? I not only say this expression all the time, I put it in advertisements and use it in conversations. Being “in the box” means having an extremely limited perception of what is real. It means a person depends on their personal experiences of visual reality to shape their choices.

You’ve probably also heard the term “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This declaration is probably one of the most limiting belief statements a person can make because the visual reality of a human being is extremely small. Just think of how many people you know that have poor eyesight. They need glasses or contacts, and can’t read without glasses or see far away. Sight is a really poor sense for most humans yet many base their entire reality upon vision. “I’ll believe it when I see it” IS being in the box.

Getting out of the box starts with opening yourself to different possibilities of reality.

Believing that we are incredible beings of creative energy and that we create through our thoughts begins to move us out of the box. We CAN have the desires of our heart by learning how to think and believe differently. If there is anything I want to teach you, it is to get out of your comfort zone, get out of the box. We “see” less than 1% of what is actually happening in the world around us. Your reality is minute compared to what is actually going on, and what is available to you. You can have access to it all, if you just get out of your own way.

At LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, our tag line is 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine. We promote the use of ancient shamanic techniques in a modern world because the ancient ways still work in major respects. Yet, our needs of understanding are different. We want personal empowerment, wellness, quicker results and our dreams to come true in today’s world!

What we are trying to do, throughout our courses, is to push you to get out of the box.

Experiment with thinking and being out of the box and see what happens. The more you get out of the box, the better. The goal is that your awareness and perceptions of how some of this works will have shifted and broadened. It will bloom for you. In that blooming there will be possibilities that will open up that you haven’t allowed before.

Here is a good use for a box…

In a sound healing workshop presented by Tom Kenyon, he made the suggestion that, for any concepts introduced that were too far out or our grasp of believability, put them in an imaginary box and move on. Don’t spend any time or energy trying to accept, reject, or comprehend them in the moment. Just allow them to sit in that box.

Learning how to think and believe differently to attain these intentions starts with learning how to journey at LightSong. Journeying is a method of making contact with non-ordinary reality. Although there are actually many methods that people can use to make this contact with the non-physical, the reason that I like journeying so much is because it requires an active mind.

Another place that humans have limited themselves is through the loss of focus. Their “minds” have control instead of the greater part of the true self or, the “god self” having the control. The journey style takes this active mind and puts it to good use by teaching the mind how to rise out of the density of the Earth and all of its hardship into the places of the god self.

A person can usually quickly learn how to journey and this quickness is appealing to the average person. The shamanic journey opens the doors promptly, allows you enter into non-ordinary reality, and offers a technique to explore this vast, creative, and healing space.