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LightSong Summer Solstice Sweat Lodge

June 21

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Doors open at 6 pm. Please arrive by 5.

Lodge is a place of prayer, purification, and healing, in communion with the spirits and in community. It is a sacred ceremony that was gifted to us by the first people. We do our very best to honor their ways. We hold their songs as sacred medicine, and follow the protocols asked of us in exchange for utilizing these songs.

There are two lodge sites that hold ceremony for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies community: the LightSong lodge at Hidden Lakeand its brother lodge, the LightSong lodge at Moonstitch. We share the holding of this ceremony for the LightSong community, and follow the same ways. This solstice lodge is at Hidden Lake and is open to LightSong community members and friends and guests of Hidden Lake.

Click here to RSVP at least 4 days before the ceremony. Doors open at 6 pm. Please arrive by 5.

Women on their moon time are asked to pray and participate from their homesor from outside the lodge.

Helping with Ceremony

There are specific aspects to preparing and participating in the ceremony that are needed to make the ceremony possible. These include hosting, lodge dressers, kitchenassistance, and firetending.

The host supports the ceremony by greeting people when they arrive, and orienting them as where to put their food,where to dress, as well as connecting new people with those who know about the ceremony. The host should arrive at least 1.5 hours before the ceremony begins.

Lodge dressers help clothe the lodge—putting blankets on her, preparing her for the ceremony. They should arrive no later than 1.5 hours before the ceremony begins.

Kitchen assistants are needed to help set up the celebratory feast that follows the lodge, and then to help clean upafter the feast. Many hands make light work! You will need to arrive 1 hour before the ceremony begins and plan on staying for an hour after the feast (at the most).

Firetenders work with the stone people and the fire. Itis a beautiful part of the ceremony. They also help people dress the lodge. Firetenders need to arrive at least 3 hours before the lodge is to begin.This role is typically set in advance by the waterpourer, who makes a special request and offering for the firetender to do this sacred service. People interested in learning how to tend fire can inquire.

We ask that allother people participating in the ceremony arrive at least an hour ahead of time. Arriving early allows you to slow down, connect with the land and the people, make prayer ties if you have not made them already, and help with preparing the site and lodge for the ceremony. The ceremony begins well before the time “doors” (the time that we go into the lodge) is scheduledto occur. In fact, many say that the ceremony begins 4 days before the lodge, and lasts for 4 days after the lodge. We have noticed that when people arrive early, the ceremony is richer and much more grounded. Preparing for ceremony is shared, and the energy and power of the lodge are more buoyant and potent.

Please be curious and mindful about parking. There is usually a person helping with parking, so please pull in and be directed on where to park. There are many cars (and sometimes other activites going on)to accommodate, and there is usually a parking strategy that will ensure safety and good care for the land. Please do not park on any grass unless directed to do so, for we do not want you to get stuck at this wet, soggy time of the year.

When you arrive and you have questions, please ask for the host(ess). This person is designated to help orient people know whereto put things, where to get things, etc.

What to Bring

Modesty is a key principle we uphold in our ceremony. Thus, women are asked to bring skirts or long light cotton pants and tee-shirts with short or longsleeves to wear in lodge. Men are asked to wear shorts. All jewelry (metalespecially) should be left at home; rings may be covered in red cloth. A towel to dry off after the lodge. Flip-flops or easily removed shoes are great to have for the lodge site area.

Please do not wear perfumes or essential oils in the lodge. Also, if you routinely wash your clothes or towels which you will be wearing or bringing with fabric softeners that have perfumes in them, please bring towels and clothes that are free of these. Many people are sensitive to these perfumes.

Exchange with the spirits, and for the ceremony, is also an important concept. If you want to bring offerings for the spirits, we can put them on the altar. Likewise, a small item that you would like to be blessed by the spirits can also be placed on the altar during the ceremony (please remember to retrieve it after the lodge). We make prayer ties to strengthen our intentions, which are worked with by the spirits in the lodge.

Gifting the ceremonial leaders is also traditional—the firetenders, singer if there is one, and water pourer. Forthe Hidden Lake lodge, items from nature for ceremonial use (feathers, hides, eg.), sacreds (sweet grass, sage), prayer tie cloth, tobacco, coffee, tea, chocolate, cash, soap, are all appreciated as thanksgivingfor the service to the people. Gifting is never required, only as an act from the heart. Another ongoing need of the ceremony itself is for fire wood. So a gift of wood, or money for the firewood fund, is also essential to keep the ceremonies going. Cash donations help supply other resources used in the ceremony and are always appreciated.

Feasting is a traditional endpoint of the physical part of the lodge. We ask that you bring a dish toshare with people after the lodge –this forms the basis of our exchange with our bodies and worldly things of the earth. If your dish is meant to behot, you will need it to be in a crock pot–no kitchen amenities exist inthe studio where the feast is (no refrigeration either). Also, please bring the appropriate serving utensil for your dish. Be sure to take your dish, the remaining contents and your utensil with you at the end of the feast. We kindly request that you take your leftovers from your shared dish homewith you as well.

Check list for leaving for lodge:

Sweat clothes—cotton skirt, shirt, shorts
Flip-flop shoes
Slippers (optional)
Offerings for ceremonial leaders—firetenders, singer, waterpourer
Wood orDonation for wood fund
Potluck item and serving utensil to share
Sacred items, offerings for altar
Prayer ties or prayer tie material—cloth, string, tobacco


June 21