The Economy and You

I am acutely aware that people’s despair and worry are amplifying as we watch the economic situation that is conveyed to us by the media. Instead of waiting until November’s newsletter to address this I feel an urgency to provide a hopeful perspective based on 21century shamanism. This world view provides useful perspectives in managing the mind and in manifesting prosperity energetically and materially.

November unfolds as an incredible month– an interesting blend of elections, economic issues and Thanksgiving.

November is also unfolding in a time of distress over the economy. The media is blasting a full broadcast of despair. Fear, worry and despair are very low frequency energies. Shamanically, we understand that thoughts and feelings are energy. They add to other thoughtforms of energy that prevail over our country. We are either adding to the problem (distress) or we are adding to the solution (healing). There really isn’t any middle ground.

We call on OUR abilities, strengths and compassionate help in these times of worry and fear, As healers, we have a greater responsibility and role to play in this economic situation. As elders we must see through the distorted illusion of fear and see a new and different outcome.

We call on our true selves to help in these times to Dream a New Dream . . . to hold our center and take command of our thoughts and feelings. Feelings create manifestations. And we as creator beings have enormous control over our environment and lives. Simply put, higher vibrational energies contained in our feelings create higher vibrational outcomes within us and around us. If we want world peace, health care, or a stronger economy we must abandon our feelings of being angry, feeling unworthy or fearful. The lower energy vibrations of those feelings will not ever attract what we want (high vibrational qualities of world peace, health care, alternative energy, and a strong economy), because they are simply not a match energetically. We must BE at the frequency or vibration of the things we want to create.

Matching our frequency of emotional energy that we are, and are emitting (broadcasting), to the frequency of that which we desire to manifest, is absolutely necessary. To me, this is what the spiritual awakening is all about. Personal and social responsibility is being called to attention. As people interested in spiritual growth, we need to foster a high degree of spiritual awareness of our own personal “broadcast” of vibrational frequencies and what they create. Each of us DOES affect the world as we broadcast our emotional energies.

Be aware of the dichotomy in emotional qualities of the following states:

Joy, World peace, Passion, Health care, Enthusiasm, Environmental awareness, Pos. Experience, Alternative energy, Optimism, Peaceful cities, Hopefulness, Peaceful schools, Appreciation, Equal opportunities, Empowerment, Happy kids

Despair, War, Jealousy, Greed, Hatred/Rage, Poverty, Anger, Crime, Unworthiness, Abuse, Fear, Hunger, Grief, Violence, Depression, Disloyalty

The way to create our desires is to FEEL the joy of each moment. One of the best ways to shift our energy to a higher vibration is to APPRECIATE what we have, to be in a state of thanksgiving and to celebrate! I feel that if the United States had done this collectively from the get go we would never be in the state of affairs we are today. Instead, there has been a collective consciousness of “I don’t have enough.” Consequently, here we are. It is strange that for a country that is superior in its abundance of “things”, we feel we don’t have enough. Appreciate what you have! Since I have traveled extensively around the world I appreciate having indoor plumbing, and the decadent luxury of a bathroom adjoining my bedroom, not outside or even down the hall but adjoining! WOW! Or that I have hot running water in my home. Another WOW!

Make a list of your own WOWs! Read it, talk about it, and think about it all day. When you stay in this vibration you will create a different economy. Guaranteed. You have to, it is spiritual law.

The Iroquois nation did this by praying in a way that we now call the thanksgiving address. (We give thanks to Jake Swamp and Jon Young for bringing this into our way of being.)

The Thanksgiving address pulls our minds together by bringing everyone in agreement. It starts with self and then moves out into the universe. It is a state of thanksgiving for life. I have written a short version of this for us.

Welcome everyone to this glorious day! Starting with self and taking a good look at yourself see this beautiful, extraordinary true self that wants so much to be a major part of your everyday life. Merge with this true self. And for this we are very THANKFUL: Do You Agree?

We extend energetically out to our circle, community, and friends. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to be in circle together, to share in a safe place of respect and integrity, with love, partnership and trust. And for this we are very THANKFUL: Do You Agree?

Extending out to the mother, the earth, this amazing being that we walk upon and love. We look under the soils to all of the rocks and the little creepy crawlers that live in the soil, that keep things fertile and nurtured. Those have supported us both literally and figuratively. And for this we are so THANKFUL for that support. Do You Agree?

We lift our eyes up and look at eye level at all the things that are here, that walk on this earth and are planted on this earth that share the ground with us. Using the same air, the same carbon dioxide, the same oxygen, all the different gases, the same water, the same heat from the sun, all these things that are shared between the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the standing people, the winged people. We are so THANKFUL for your support and for the aesthetic beauty and the enrichment that your life gives to ours. And for this we are very THANKFUL: Do You Agree?

And we lift our eyes even higher and we look up into the sky and we see the cloud people in the different formations that they make. We see the moon that we have sung to and danced to and felt the tug of her on our own bodies. Realizing how she keeps things in rhythm and she teaches us about the cycles of life, day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out, and lifetime in and lifetime out. The cycles that are repeated, the cycles of life and of living. The sun who warms us and gives us the ability to have the human experience. For these ones the sun and the moon chose an incarnation just as we did. They experienced a birth and will experience a death and have a lifetime of existence. But they never create an ego; they just do what they came here to do, to be in their true self. In fact they incarnated just for us so that we could have the human experience. They love us so! And for this we are very THANKFUL: Do You Agree?

We look even further into the mystery, into the unknown, the unexplainable forces of life. That which we can’t explain with our linear mind. We realize that we can’t always have a cognitive, rational solution to our questions. But we can choose to FEEL the extraordinary love, the magnificence, the vastness. We FEEL in the depths of us and we know that it is true. And for this we are very THANKFUL: Do You Agree?

And so with this we have tried to include everything, but we will never include everything because we don’t know everything. In our humanness we realize that we will make mistakes and that we will bumble and stumble along, but if we can just bring a little bit of happiness to ourselves and to others through our thankfulness and appreciation, we know that is having a great affect because we are all connected. Do You Agree?

And now, we have brought our minds together in this beautiful state of thanksgiving. The energy signature that we create in ourselves and is broadcast out into the world is a powerful force. When we do this together, we can bring about the shifts so needed in this world. Because our energy shifts, the world shifts. In this we rejoice.

Much love to you all. I look forward to our special time together.

Jan Engels-Smith