The Original Afterlife Awareness Conference: Jan is presenting!

The Original Afterlife Awareness Conference

The Original Afterlife Awareness Conference is coming soon! Jan Engels-Smith will be presenting at The Original Afterlife Awareness Conference in Norfolk, VA June 4-7.  She will guide attendees through a “pushing over” ceremony to make contact with and assist the souls of those who have transitioned via suicide.

The conference features the best and the brightest in the fields of afterlife research, end-of-life care,
psychic development, spirituality, after-death communication, bereavement and death-awareness.

From the Original Afterlife Awareness Conference

 “Where sacred ceremonies, out-of-body journeys
and inter-dimensional encounters are an everyday affair”

“Our 2015 conference will feature expanded training in psychic development and after-death communication, as well as teachings on out-of-body exploration, conscious dying and conscious grieving. Our goal is to blur the boundaries between allopathic medicine and alternative healing; between intuitive experience and scientific research; and between religious traditions and a spirituality of oneness to increase awareness of life beyond the physical body.”

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